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How You Can Help

You may help us by donating for any of our below projects:


  1. A 10-day residential rehabilitation camp for wheel-chair bound paraplegic and quadriplegic youth, along with their care-givers. Many of them have not left their homes for years. Nirmalya Trust would like to empower them to become independent. They will be guided to take care of bed sores, take care of their skin, exercise the upper half of the body, control bladder and bowel movement, move themselves from bed to wheelchair and vice versa. Our goal is to bring them back into the mainstream.


The total expense to train 10 candidates and 10 caregivers (20 people in total) is Rs. 4,12,000/-

Per person expense is Rs. 20,600.00 each for 10 days or Rs. 2,060.00 per person per day.


  1. Generating employment for 15 visually impaired students. This is an environment-based livelihood program. They make seed-balls, and they receive a stipend for this work. From the stipend, they are able to pay for their lodging and boarding (hostel fees). For this program, we require Rs. 4,68,000/- for one year. You can support with Rs. 2600/- for one month.


  1. Since January 2022, we are supporting 50 children with disabilities. We are providing them with physiotherapy thrice a week. Each session of physiotherapy costs us Rs. 700/-. This includes conveyance, therapy charges, drinking water, and any special equipment.


  1. Financial support for the products that we make. We require Rs. Rs. 1,20,000/- for one year i.e. Rs. 10,000/- per month.