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About Us

What We Do:

Registered in 2005, we are a Public Charitable Trust that caters to the needs of persons with hearing & speech impairment, the orthopedically challenged, the visually impaired and the paraplegic.
Our objective is to make them independent and productive members of society.

We provide employment at our own unit and also place them at other establishments, based on their needs and ability. Self-employment is also encouraged.

We have generated employment for over 2000 Persons with Disabilities since our inception in the year 2005.

How we generate employment for Persons with Disabilities at our unit throughout the year:

Past Activity: From 2005 to 2023:

Persons with Disabilities made Newspaper Bags at our unit.

Every challenged person who worked at our paper bag unit was given a stipend.

From the very beginning, Nirmalya Trust has encouraged and reinforced the idea of employment with a stipend, for all Persons with Disabilities.

This has always brought them a much-needed sense of independence, dignity, and self-reliance.

Present Activity:

In the year 2022, we decided to support several visually impaired students by generating employment for them at our own unit.

We started a seed-ball making program, specially aimed at, but not limited to, engaging the visually impaired and supporting them.

Our primary goal was to make this an environment friendly livelihood program.

The program was sustainable, and flexible. Interaction and integration were achieved.

Our first small experiment was successful, and we decided to launch this program on a larger scale, and for an indefinite timeline.

This employment fulfilled an immediate need, and served as a means to achieve a goal in the future.

The 2 main objectives of this program are: One, to generate employment for the visually impaired, and Two, to ensure positive, sustainable, environment friendly goals.

Even before the visually impaired started this work, a sense of achievement was instilled. A ripple effect took place – we started with 2 girls, more and more came in. Today we have 15 beneficiaries, boys and girls, and several waiting, to join.

Those who are coming to us are students. They are given work for 4 hours. They attend college, and we want them to focus on their studies; hence only part-time work is given.

We pay the visually impaired beneficiaries a stipend.

Making seed-balls is a tactile activity.  The visually impaired are doing a great job. They talk, sing, listen to music and interact while working.

We often have volunteers joining in, to work alongside them.

Conversation takes different directions, information is shared. For the volunteers and the visually impaired, this interaction leaves a lasting impression.

The tremendous impact that this project is making is visible directly in the empowerment of our beneficiaries. They are independently supporting themselves.

There is definitely a sense of dignity.  They are less dependent on their families for support.

The beneficiaries will come and move on as their needs are fulfilled.  New students will be employed in their place. In this way, we will be able to support hundreds of visually impaired candidates over time.

We started making the seed-balls with a target of 10,000 nos.

We crossed this target in 1 month.

Till date, we’ve already made over 50,000 seed-balls.

We plan to continue making and distributing these seed-balls to spread awareness.

We’ve made packets of 4 seed-balls in each. We’ve conducted several distribution drives since the World Environment Day on 5th June 2023.

We have directly reached over 6,000 persons and talked to them about the seed-balls, and how they can help in the environment friendly program.

The seed-ball making initiative is aligned to Nirmalya Trust’s objective of generating employment for Persons with Disabilities.

This environment friendly livelihood program is a necessity that is enabling and empowering a needy section of society.

It is encouraging and empowering a section in society that is intelligent and able.


  1. Please Donate to us, so that we can use the funds to pay our challenged beneficiaries their monthly Stipend. Any amount is welcome and appreciated and is a great help.
  2. Purchase our seed-balls and support our work of generating employment for the physically challenged.

Operating Address:

Nirmalya Trust (A helping hand for the physically challenged)

Lane no. 7, Prabhat Road

Next to Cassia Apt. Pune 411004

 Time: 10 am to 5 pm Days: Monday to Friday

Saturday & Sunday Closed