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About Us

What We Do:

We cater to the needs of persons with hearing and speech impairment, the orthopedically challenged, the visually impaired and the paraplegic.
Our objective is to make them independent and productive members of society.

We provide employment at our own unit and also place them at other establishments, based on their needs and ability. Self-employment is also encouraged.

We have generated employment for over 2000 Persons with Disabilities since our inception in the year 2005.

How we generate employment for Persons with Disabilities at our unit throughout the year:

Persons with Disabilities make Newspaper Bags at our unit located on Prabhat Road.

Every challenged person who works at our unit is given a stipend.

From the very beginning, Nirmalya Trust has encouraged and reinforced the idea of employment with a stipend, for all Persons with Disabilities.

This brings them a much-needed sense of independence, dignity, and self-reliance.


  1. Please Donate to us, so that we can use the funds to pay our challenged beneficiaries their monthly Stipend. Any amount is welcome and appreciated and is a great help.
  2. Purchase our newspaper bags and support our work of generating employment for the physically challenged.
  3. We require newspaper all year round. Please Donate Newspaper to us. We request you to drop the newspaper at our unit.

Where to donate Newspaper:

Nirmalya Trust (A helping hand for the physically challenged)

Lane no. 7, Prabhat Road

Next to Cassia Apt. Pune 411004

 Time: 10 am to 5 pm Days: Monday to Saturday

Sundays Closed

Our requirement of newspapers is an ongoing one, as we make newspaper bags all year round.