May 10, 2021


While Covid-19 rages on, Nirmalya Trust continues to focus on helping physically challenged persons get by!

Several students with disabilities have been forced to move out of their college hostels and go back to their villages. Working persons have lost jobs or had their salaries frozen. In many cases, these persons are the bread-winners of the family.

Nirmalya Trust has received hundreds and hundreds of applications for help. And we intend to help each and every one with the most basic of all needs – groceries!

We are looking for 1,000 donors to give us ₹1,000 each so that we can help support 1,000 PwD’s.

Our Solution

  • We have volunteers in different parts of Maharashtra. We will be working in the Konkan region, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar and Pune.
  • They will collect the groceries from the store nearest to them and deliver them to the beneficiaries. The need and the challenge are to reach each beneficiary at his/her doorstep.
  • Many cannot travel long distances or carry the weight of the groceries. Lots of people are also very hesitant to step out at this time, given how bad the situation is, with Covid-19 presently. The lockdown and lack of transportation make it prohibitive too.
  • A small part of your donation (~10%) is reserved for managing the logistics, tempos/transportation and reimbursing volunteers for expenses incurred.