A Statement by our Founder

We all manifest our experiences in different ways. Nirmalya Trust is the manifestation of our experience. Growing with our disabled daughter Tanuja, gave us insight into the lives of other persons with disabilities.

At every turn we realized that our situation was so much more comfortable compared to that of others. We felt blessed. Living in Pune, where medical facilities, awareness and social support abound, we felt blessed indeed!

 But, with each day, we also discovered that even 20 km. from Pune the situation is very different.

Today, through Nirmalya we go from village to village learning about people with disabilities.

We found that though so much information reaches the Taluka, government offices, and schools, people with disabilities don't feel motivated to take action.

Those who can afford it send their disabled children to special schools… often giving up half way. Distances, ignorance, financial restraints, and a general apathy towards disability cause neglect.

All these factors decided for us that we wanted to be out there; closer to where the need is!

Nirmalyas objective is to help. With a base in the city and an establishment in a village we intend to bridge a gap. The situation is ideal. Today we are working from Pune; naturally many of the disabled who wish to reach us cannot do so easily. For each such individual, meetings need to be arranged in the parking lot or bus-stop. This just is not practical or dignified.

We feel the need of having an establishment of our own, one to give us the freedom to concentrate on our work instead of worrying about security all the time. We are looking for help to procure at least 20 – 30 acres of land outside Pune.

Last year Nirmalya helped over 200 children and adults with disabilities lead more productive, useful and enjoyable lives.

Our mission is to establish a ‘complete' centre for the physically challenged. From toddlers to the old aged, every disabled individual should find a place there.

Working with the disabled for the disabled, but with a focus on rehabilitation and integration.

Our centre will naturally contribute positively towards the welfare of the villages around it. Jobs will be created and interaction and communication will increase.

Spreading awareness, giving information and guidance will lead the disabled towards education. Education will lead towards employment and security.

Career guidance, medical guidance, so many other physical and psychological factors will be taken care of. The disabled often don't know the facilities that are available, that simple tools of support can make their lives more comfortable.

We have watched many paraplegics. It wrenches one's heart to see intelligent human beings moving around with so less dignity. Because many of them are unaware or unable to change. Dignity will encourage them to stand up and prove themselves. There is so much to be done. To turn this vision into reality we need support.