Sunkisd Plant Nursery is a vocational training unit of Nirmalya trust.

This vocation being environmental and requiring no academic qualification is a source of relief for all those physically challenged persons who struggle to fit themselves into a world full of competition.

This program was specially designed to encourage the disabled from the rural sector.

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Taruvar, our 2nd vocational traning centre, was set up 4 yrs. back to promote the recycling of material. Here old newspaper is recycled by making carry bags as a good alternative to the use of plastic ones.

The partially sighted, totally blind, hearing impaired and slow learners all work at this unit. Other items like bags, folders, envelopes, writing material, etc. are made from handmade paper. These are designed by our hearing impaired students.

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Braille Books Project

Every year more and more visually impaired persons are turning to higher education in different fields and are also learning the use of computers with the help of talking software.

Nirmalya decided to enhance this effort by providing reading material to those who are striving to know more about their surroundings.

In March 2009, Nirmalya Trust started Indias 1st Electronic Braille Library.

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Educational Programs
The primary aim in our education program is ‘educating’ the abled and disabled about each other.

Formal education in institutions has been made available for the disabled, but unfortunately many people do not avail of this opportunity. Even in big cities, parents shy away from the hassle and bureaucratic hurdles of educating their disabled children.

Educating the disabled, the parents of the disabled, and society to make education easily accessible is a task Nirmalya has taken upon itself.

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Social Integration
The youth in the villages find it difficult to adjust to the onslaught of media, material goods and competitive challenges.

Because of this they often tread the wrong path. With the sources at the development center, we wish to form a bridge between these two vastly different worlds and give direction to young minds.

We propose to hold workshops and lectures on:

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Environmental Programs
The need to be responsible and aware of their surroundings and environment has to be instilled in each individual regardless of his/her disability.

At Nirmalya, we conduct discussions on environmental issues. Our vocational training unit Sunkisd Plant Nursery is an active working area where we constantly focus our attention towards growing more trees.

Our team of volunteers roams from village to village, talks to gram sevaks, panchayat samities, school teachers, and students.

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Support for the Paraplegic
We provide callipers, crutches and two-wheelers attached with side-wheels. These increase mobility which in turn increases job opportunities. Dignity and self-sustainability is achieved.

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